About K-Guard™ of Boston


Ever since Gary Knudson was young, he had a love for designing gutter systems. It was a talent he honed working side-by-side with his father while working out of their garage back in 1965. Years later, Knudson took the helm at Knudson Manufacturing in Broomfield, Colorado and put those talents to work, and since then, has successfully designed, invented and received more than 100 patents for innovative applications that have continued to set the standard in the gutter-systems market today.

It’s 1997 – The K-Guard™ System is Born

One of the most innovative and most popular of Knudson’s designs was the fully engineered, two-piece leaf-free K-Guard™ system. Conceived in 1997, K-Guard™ received its patent and signed its first licensee in 1998 and has been producing unprecedented drainage systems ever since.

What made the K-Guard™ system so innovative for its time was its fully engineered two-piece design which featured a fully supported gutter and hood plus a highly effective, hidden patented hanger system which was nearly indestructible regardless of hail, sleet, snow, or other destructive weather conditions. And here’s the best part — it was a leaf-free system, meaning homeowners could stay off the roof, forget about clogs and put their ladders away for good. 

K-Guard™ Today – An Industry Leader

Since its introduction, over 35 million feet of K-Guard™ gutters have been installed, providing leaf-free gutter guard solutions and 100% lifetime clog-free warranties for homes across the United States.

Why does K-Guard™ rank as one of the best in the business? We say the proof is in the pudding.

  1. With all the gutters installed (over 35 million feet), there has never been a report of hood loss or removal due to wind.
  2. Its strength is FEA-verified and includes a five-inch gutter which can hold .70 gallons per foot.
  3. Its robust all-weather design is secured by 0.027- 0.032-inch thick coated aluminum (3105-H16 to H-24) or 16 and 20 ounce copper that is formed on site.

Our innovative seamless patented design (US Patent 5,845,435) has been proven, field tested and offers dual front and rear drainage passages for improved water collecting and flushing action. The textured hood is fully removable which provides an extra line of defense against extreme conditions (even hail!)