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Your Home Needs a Good Gutter System

Person wearing gloves inspecting a gutter on a houseYou‘ve toyed with the idea of installing a leaf-free gutter system for awhile now, but you keep holding back for a number of reasons. You may still have questions about how these popular leaf-free systems work, if they’re cost-effective, or which system might be best for your home and situation.

If you currently have an open-top gutter system, you’re well aware that traditional gutters notoriously collect leaves, pine needles and other debris that causes clogs, thus preventing water to drain. The result of that inefficient drainage can lead to worrisome problems like wall and ceiling damage due to water leaks or seepage. Plus, you already know about the maintenance issues… there you are, climbing up and down ladders, cleaning out all those leaves, twigs and debris that clog your gutters season after season, year after year.

A good leaf-free gutter system, on the other hand, can offer peace of mind and never requires climbing ladders to keep gutters clean. Once your gutter system is up, you never have to clean the gutters again. And, because they look as good as they protect, a leaf-free system is a smart investment which will blend in beautifully with your home and can ultimately boost your property value as well.

How do you know if your current gutters need to be replaced?

Traditional, open-top gutters collect leaves and debris which can quickly clog and prevent effective water drainage. Even with diligent seasonal cleaning, gutters can clog, which causes bad drainage, which can wreak havoc with your home’s foundation and roof, ultimately causing all kinds of problems… everything from water stains to damaged fascia boards. 

What does a great gutter system do?

A leaf-free gutter system is designed to do one thing – to channel rainwater and debris down and away from your property’s foundation and surrounding areas for maximum efficiency and protection.

A good gutter system should be able to do this independently, without constant care and maintenance by the homeowner. With the addition of a gutter guard (a hood that covers the gutter) water flow can be controlled and the gutter is protected against windswept leaves and debris.

Which gutter system is best for your home?

Our K-Guard™ leaf-free gutter system stands out as one of the best solutions in the marketplace. No other gutter system can offer the same capacity, durability and protection with features like:

  • No gutter sag, no maintenance High-strength hanger design keeps its form no matter what the external conditions. No need to tend to gutters ever again!
  • Better capacity for better drainage K-Guard™ gutters are a full 5 inches wide and can accommodate larger 3×4-inch downspouts for more water/debris drainage than smaller systems. 
  • Long lifespan, no more clogs – Both gutter and hood are made of heavy-duty aluminum that is non-corrosive and practically invincible against extreme weather conditions. No clogs ever!
  • Blends right in with your home – Most gutter systems have sharp corners and vertical faces, whereas K-Guard™ gutters’ smooth, curved appearance blends in effortlessly with your home. With a wide variety of colors available, you can find the perfect solution. 

How does K-Guard™ compare to other gutter systems?

We are confident we’ve got the best gutter system around. The competition is tough, but our K-Guard™ system is tougher, so that means when you compare apples to apples, other systems just don’t measure up.

  • Larger 5” size – K-Guard™ 5-inch gutters are a full inch larger than traditional gutters and can hold .70 gallons per foot.
  • High performance, patented design K-Guard™ gutter systems replace your gutters as a whole and are engineered to work together for optimum performance and durability.
  • No hindrance to shingles – Unlike most gutter systems, K-Guard™ attaches to fascia boards and rafter tails instead of roof shingles, so if any other unrelated issues arise you can rest assured your roof warranty won’t be affected. 
  • Two drainage channels instead of one – Regular gutters only have a single drainage channel, which sometimes can’t prevent windblown water from going up under roof shingles. K-Guard™ gutter systems have two drainage channels that flush away water quickly and efficiently.
  • No cleaning or de-clogging needed – K-Guard™ Gutter Guards are designed and patented to never need any cleaning inside the gutter, unlike other systems that require seasonal declogging.
  • Good looking, custom-fit While competitors’ gutter guards are designed to fit onto existing gutters, K-Guard™ gutter systems are engineered to attach to your home without obstructing the roof or roofline. In contrast to the sharp corners and vertical faces of other gutters on the market, they also feature a smooth, curved design in a variety of colors to compliment your home. 
  • Lifetime no-clog warrantyNon-corrodible, heavy-duty aluminum K-Guard™ gutter systems never sag and are built to withstand adverse weather conditions. Innovative, patented, high-strength hanger design ensures optimum performance and durability.
  • Free professional installation in just one day – To make sure you’re getting the very best of your new gutter system, K-Guard™ contractors will come to your property with specialized equipment and install it for you in just one day.
  • K-Guard™ quality and experience – With an unprecedented reputation for quality and excellence in home drainage systems since 1998, K-Guard™ has been field tested with over 35 million feet gutter guard systems installed across 37 states. You can trust your property is in good hands.

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