Water Damage

Clogged Gutters Can Cause Costly Damage

When gutters are clogged (or even improperly installed) poor drainage can cause big damage to your home and property. And you know what a strain that can be for you and your wallet.

Even if you currently use a leaf filter or other types of guards on the market, small debris can still get through and cause leaks or clogs in gutters and downspouts. Poorly installed gutters can also present problems due to improper drainage. Common problems to be on the watch for include:

Leaky Roof

If gutters can’t carry rainwater away, it will eventually cause problems. Because it just ‘sits there’ it eventually will find its way inside – most often through your ceiling. You certainly don’t need the drips and stains and repair it takes to make things right again.


Where there’s standing water, there’s usually mold. And nobody wants that. Standing water in gutters can cause mold to form in the roof, attic and walls. It’s a health hazard, so you’ll want to call in the professionals for cleaning and removal.

Wood Damage

When water stands for a long time it can really do a number on wood siding soffits and windows. Wood can rot quickly, and soffit repair is usually the first thing needed, since they are so close to your gutters.

Damage to Basements

Water that has pooled at the end of a poorly installed downspout can cause serious damage to your foundation. Look for water in your basement or cracks along basement floors or walls. If you see any, your clogged-up gutters are likely at fault.

Ice Dams

If gutters are clogged, sometimes ice dams can form. And that’s bad news no matter how you look at it. Dams can let water into your home and insulation which in turn can lead to hazardous mold growth. 

Gutter Repair

The sooner you take care of gutter repair, the better! Some homeowners may be able to take on the job themselves, but they’ll need two people and the right tools (and skills!) More than likely you’ll need to call a professional company to do the job. Professionals know how to fix leaking gutters and repair poorly installed ones. Not only that, but they’ll clean out your gutters thoroughly and assess any possible damage or repairs. They can also give you a cost estimate for leaf filters and other types of gutter guards.

If peace of mind is important to you, we recommend you install a K-Guard™ leaf-free system with no-clog lifetime warranty and never worry about clogs, water damage or costly maintenance ever again!

Make the last time you cleaned your gutters the last time you clean your gutters!

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