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Why K-Guard™ Is Superior to Other Gutter Options

Whether you’re considering new gutters due to drainage issues, wanting to increase property value, or maybe you’re just tired of keeping up with regular gutter maintenance… we have the solution!

The K-Guard™ leaf-free system is quite simply the best solution in the market today for keeping your gutters and downspouts clog-free. Compared to competitors who only offer one element of the protective process like toppers, helmets, foam or mesh, K-Guard™ offers hood, gutter and downspouts… a complete system that lets rainwater in, and keeps leaves and debris out!  From installation to infinity, K-Guard™ keeps gutters clear and leak-free, even in the worst possible weather conditions.

The larger 5-inch measurement also sets K-Guard™ apart from competitors’ three or four-inch gutters. That larger size makes it easier for more water to flow through the seamless trough without interruption. K-Guard™ has also bested the competition by including two drainage channels instead of one. By using a rear-drainage channel, water has two passageways to enter the system, leaving less water to ‘sit’ on the roof.

Not all roofs are alike, of course, but K-Guard™ has solved that problem, too. Our leaf-free systems are designed to fit any and every roof, be it traditional shingles, slate, or even metal. A secure fit is critical to the efficiency of the system, so our installers take great care in fitting the system to your home without interfering with the roofline or overall curb appeal. While competitors’ similar products might look disjointed and detract from a home’s aesthetics, K-Guard™’s look is smooth and sleek and blends in beautifully with the architecture and roofline of the home.

Apples to apples, competitors’ options just don’t measure up. That’s why it makes sense to choose K-Guard™ leaf-free gutter system with lifetime no-clog warranty. Put your old gutter problems (and maintenance) behind you and contact us today for a quote!

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Ratings & Reviews

"I have had my KGuard system for 13 years and have not had to clean my gutters once in that time. Heavy gauge material and oversize downspouts means I never have to worry about the system flowing over the front edge."

Jim W.

"Best leaf free gutter system on the market. No other product even comes close."

Tavi T.

"Replaced all the gutters and downspouts. Workers arrived promptly and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Gutters have been clog free and were definitely worth the money."

Kathleen K.

Trusted by the biggest name in the business!