K-Guard™ Gutters

The Innovative All-in-One Gutter System

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KGuard Leaf Gutters Installed
KGuard Leaf Gutters Installed
Superior Protection That Lasts

Experience the Benefits of Clog-Free Gutters

Your gutters are designed to carry water away from your home to prevent costly water damage to soffits, landscaping, and even your foundation. However, traditional rain gutters can hardly keep up with the constant exposure to the elements, which is where gutter guards come into play. With so many components to think about and so many problems that can occur along the way, K-Guard™ of Boston is here to offer a superior solution. The K-Guard™ gutter system is far from what you’d get from your average gutter installation company—it’s an innovative all-in-one system that will keep you from ever having to clean or repair your gutters.

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Why K-Guard™ Gutters?

The benefits of K-Guard™ gutters simply outweigh the benefits of other systems on the market, especially for Boston area homeowners who have to worry about problems like leaves and even ice dams when the seasons shift. With K-Guard™ gutters installed, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again. This is thanks to its:

Patented Design

The K-Guard™ leaf-free gutter system consists of a hood, gutter, and downspouts that let rainwater in while keeping leaves and debris out. It’s built around high-strength hangers, which are made from all-weather polymers to support the hood and prevent the system from sagging.
KGuard Leaf Gutters

Durable Construction

The K-Guard™ system is built from a sturdy, non-corrosive aluminum that can last through years of exposure to rain, wind, snow, and even hail. This durable construction, combined with the hanger design, means that you won’t have to buy new gutters for your home again.
KGuard Gutters

Attractive Appearance

Strength doesn’t need to come at the expense of style with K-Guard™ gutters, as they are available in a variety of colors that can complement your home perfectly. And since they attach seamlessly to your home’s roofline, you won’t need to worry about your curb appeal being negatively impacted.
KGuard Gutters

Larger Size

K-Guard™ gutters are a full inch wider than standard-sized gutter systems, which means that they can handle larger volumes of water while easily flushing out any small debris. That means leaf-free, clog-free protection that works, no matter what the Massachusetts weather may bring.
KGuard Gutter

Why K-Guard™ Beats the Competition

Complete Leaf Free System (Gutter and Hood)
Attaches to Fascia Board and Rafter Tails
Rear drainage Channel
Product color matches gutter
Prevent Gutter Leaks
Gutter Systems
Full 5 inch leaf free gutter system
Yes - 2 ways for water to go into gutter
Yes - Does not touch or interfere with roof and roof line
Yes - The hood & gutter are made of the same material & color
Smooth face, crown-molding-like appearance
Includes full 5-inch gutter and hood
Yes - Product includes a new gutter and hood
Competitor Products
Made for 3 and 4 inch gutters
NO – Attaches under roof shingles- possible roof warranty issues
NO – Windblown water blows up under roof shingle
NO – Product designed to go on existing gutter-original house & roof design does not incorporate supplemental product
NO – Tries to match color of existing gutter
Vertical face-supplemental product appears clunky and out of place
Includes topper product only – Gutter is an additional cost
MAYBE – Product goes on existing gutters-if you have leaky, rotten gutters before product is installed, you will still have them
Trusted by the biggest name in the business!

Ratings & Reviews

"I have had my KGuard system for 13 years and have not had to clean my gutters once in that time. Heavy gauge material and oversize downspouts means I never have to worry about the system flowing over the front edge."

Jim W.

"Best leaf free gutter system on the market. No other product even comes close."

Tavi T.

"Replaced all the gutters and downspouts. Workers arrived promptly and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Gutters have been clog free and were definitely worth the money."

Kathleen K.