K-Guard™ FAQs

What if my house doesn’t have fascia board?
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A simple fascia build-out can be added onto your home to accommodate your new K-Guard system. Consult your K-Guard representative for more information.

Can I install a K-Guard™ hood to my existing gutters?
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Unfortunately, no. The K-Guard system was designed and engineered as a single complete system. The custom-formed components are designed to perform with each other, but not with other open-top gutter components.

Will having K-Guard™ installed affect my roof?
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The installation
will not affect your roof in any way! The K-Guard attaches to existing or installed fascia board below your existing roof, providing superior protection against ice damming and blowback.

Why should I choose K-Guard™ over an add-on system?
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Add-on systems can potentially void your roof warranty depending on products used and installation techniques. If you’re going to need to move or replace  your gutters to allow for a good fit for an add-on product, why not invest a few dollars more in a new, completely covered K-Guard gutter system? Because it’s designed and built as a complete and fully engineered leaf-free system, you can expect well-integrated components and exceptional performance.

No other system can offer the complete range of benefits the K-Guard leaf-free system provides. Things like: a full 5-inch gutter, a 3 ¼-inch wide gutter bottom to accommodate a 3×4-inch downspout, patented hangers that fully support gutter from front to back, angled hanger design for added leverage and strength, front and rear drainage channels for improved water collecting, convenient removable hood, and a smooth, attractive design.

Exceptionally well! K-Guard can withstand the toughest snow, ice or wind conditions, making it an especially smart choice for homeowners in cold-weather climates. With traditional open top gutter systems, ice forms on the inside where it’s unseen – as ice freezes and thaws it can actually pry the gutters right off your home. With K-Guard, ice forms on the outside of the gutter, rather than the inside, plus it has a rear drainage channel which helps prevent wind-blown water from backing up under the roof’s edge and then freezing… no more worrisome ice dams! And because K-Guard is a covered system and stronger than traditional systems, no amount of ice or snow will ever pull it off your home.

Absolutely! The system is so efficient at keeping leaves and debris out of the gutter, then it‘s backed up with 3×4-inch downspouts that flush out any small pieces of debris that may possibly enter the gutter. Should your K-Guard system ever develop a clog (extremely unlikely), your installer will come to your home to fix the problem, absolutely free! Ask your K-Guard representative for more information about warranties offered on the system and its materials.

Incredibly strong! The system can support vertical loads on the front of the gutter of 35 lbs. per gutter foot. That equals 70 lbs. per installed hanger. The hood can support 60 lbs. per square foot of pressure, both in load and uplift, before any flexing of the hood will occur. (These results are based on computer-based engineering studies conducted to determine the overall strength of the K-Guard system.)

Almost indefinitely! Coatings on the gutter and hood should last 20 or more years, the base materials will never corrode, and the internal hangers (protected from the elements by the gutter and the hood) will last throughout the lifetime of the system.

The K-Guard gutter system comes in a variety of colors to compliment your home. Ask your representative about specific colors available in your area.

Absolutely beautiful! K-Guard has a smooth curved appearance – more attractive than standard residential (k-style) gutters. Available in a variety of colors, K-Guard blends right in with your home’s existing architecture and roof style.

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Ratings & Reviews

"I have had my KGuard system for 13 years and have not had to clean my gutters once in that time. Heavy gauge material and oversize downspouts means I never have to worry about the system flowing over the front edge."

Jim W.

"Best leaf free gutter system on the market. No other product even comes close."

Tavi T.

"Replaced all the gutters and downspouts. Workers arrived promptly and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Gutters have been clog free and were definitely worth the money."

Kathleen K.

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