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KGuard Leaf Gutters Installed
No More Leaves, Twigs, or Debris With K-Guard™

The All-in-One Gutter System

With K-Guard™ gutters, you can experience the benefits of leak-free, clog-free gutters—all without having to purchase multiple products or deal with any hassles along the way. But how exactly does this innovative system work?

It all comes down to 4 key components:

Hood of K-Guard™ Gutter System
The hood
Gutter of K-Guard™ Gutter System
The gutter
Downspout of K-Guard™ Gutter System
The downspouts
Hanger of K-Guard™ Gutter System
The patented K-Guard™ hangers
KGuard Leaf Gutters Installed
How Does the K-Guard™ System Work?

How It Works

To understand how the K-Guard™ system works and what makes it so worth the investment, it’s good to first understand how the four main parts of the system work together. Essentially, the narrow opening between the hood (the piece that prevents debris from entering the gutter) and the gutter allows rainwater to pass through the system before flowing down the downspouts and onto the ground beneath. The patented hangers come into play by keeping the entire system supported and attached where they need to be, thus helping the gutters from sagging or losing form. And since K-Guard™ gutters are a full 5 inches wide—an inch wider than traditional gutters—they can handle even the worst weather.

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See the Difference

At K-Guard™ of Boston, we want you to have what a gutter system was meant to be: leaf-free, clog-free, and maintenance-free. When you partner with us for a K-Guard™ gutter system installation, you will soon be able to take the chore of unclogging your gutters off your to-do list for good. That means no more ladders to climb, leaves to unclog, ice dams to tackle, or water damage to worry about. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about the K-Guard™ gutters we can install at your Boston area home.

K-Guard™ Gutter System Installation

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