K-Guard of Boston: The Reliable Choice for Gutter Installation Services in Grafton, MA

Reputation matters. After all, no homeowner would choose to work with a contractor that has a spotty record and a list of unfavorable reviews. If you live in or around Grafton, Massachusetts, and want to work with a gutter installation company with a wealth of experience and a sterling reputation, K-Guard™ of Boston is the name to know. We would be honored to take care of your gutter replacement project and show you firsthand why we’re the best choice around.

Best-in-Class Replacement Gutters

If there’s one chore that nearly every homeowner dreads, it’s cleaning out clogged gutters. But imagine never being bothered by this time-consuming and dangerous task again. With K-Guard™ of Boston that dream will become reality. Thanks to integrated hoods, K-Guard™ gutters keep debris out of the system, preventing all blockages.

In addition to their built-in gutter guards, K-Guard™ systems are constructed with a durable seamless design that does away with the weak joints found on traditional gutters. K-Guard’s seamless troughs are also extra-wide, so they can handle the worst rainstorms we experience in Grafton. With these impressive features, it is easy to see why K-Guard™ gutters are becoming the go-to choice for homeowners.

Upholding High Standards

We greatly value our clients, so we never cut corners during our projects. You can be assured that our factory trained and certified installers will take care of every detail during your gutter installation. Plus, for added peace of mind, we cover their work with a 5-year labor warranty. If there’s ever an issue with our craftsmanship, just give us a call and we will set things right.

If you’re ready to start planning your gutter installation project, contact K-Guard™ of Boston today and schedule a free consultation for your home in Grafton, MA.
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Ratings & Reviews

"I have had my KGuard system for 13 years and have not had to clean my gutters once in that time. Heavy gauge material and oversize downspouts means I never have to worry about the system flowing over the front edge."

Jim W.

"Best leaf free gutter system on the market. No other product even comes close."

Tavi T.

"Replaced all the gutters and downspouts. Workers arrived promptly and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Gutters have been clog free and were definitely worth the money."

Kathleen K.

Trusted by the biggest name in the business!