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How much do Gutter Guards cost? Here’s how to estimate it:

According to Angie’s List, the average cost of gutter guards is $7.50 and $10 per linear foot installed. Considering that the average home has about 200 feet of gutter, homeowners should expect to pay about $1,500 and $2,000 for professional gutter guard installation, though more complex gutter guard systems will be more expensive.  As with any basic estimate, costs will vary due to home size, product selection and requirements. Your K-Guard™ representative will visit your home and provide a written estimate based on your choices and situation.

Installation cost vs. savings over time

A K-Guard™ leaf-free gutter system is not only the most reliable way to protect your home from water damage, it also proves to be economical over time. 

Why? Because, first and foremost, the system comes with a lifetime guarantee, which means you’ll never have to pay for maintenance or gutter repair services ever again. 

Think of the money you’ll save!

Let’s say you hire professionals to clean out your existing gutters at $200, three times a year. That adds up to $600 on gutter cleaning alone! When you have a lifetime guarantee, there’s never a need for costly repair because there are no more clogs, no more water damage and no more need to run the risk of serious injury while scaling roofs and climbing ladders.

Our installation team will make sure that your new K-Guard™ system is a perfect fit, and once it’s in place, you’ll never have to clean out the gutters and downspouts again.

K-Guard™ craftsmanship – worth every penny!

You get so much more with a K-Guard™ system, such as the lifetime and no-clog warranty, the larger 5-inch width that handles 70 gallons per foot, the two drainage channels instead of one, and the patented hidden hangers made from all-weather polymers designed to withstand any and all weather conditions.

Not only is the K-Guard™ system strong and efficient, but it looks as good as it protects. The smooth, sleek appearance blends in beautifully and comes in a variety of color choices to compliment your home.

Investment-worthy in every way! That’s why K-Guard™ customer satisfaction ranks higher than any gutter protection system in the country. And it’s also why our commitment to legendary K-Guard™ innovation, quality and service has never been stronger.

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Make the last time you cleaned your gutters the last time you clean your gutters!

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